Pumpkin Carvings

Sculptor Greg J. Grady has always enjoyed autumn in New England where the foliage is beautiful and the air is crisp. “Pumpkin carvings have always been a favorite pastime tradition growing up.” Carving pumpkins for Halloween started as a hobby,  and has now transformed into a busy and growing highlight of what our team has to offer in the Fall. The season is short, usually from early September to mid- November, and carvings are limited, so please be sure  to contact us for event scheduling or to place a pumpkin order in advance. Professional Sculptures’ pumpkin carvings provide unique hand carved pumpkins for special events or Halloween exhibitions. Our pumpkin creations are custom intricate carvings with an amount of detail and attention that is sure to amaze people of all ages. We turn the average jack-o-lantern to shame by creating three-dimensional creatures and characters, logos, word marks or centerpieces of all designs. Contact us about being part of your next Halloween party, exhibit or event.